Loudoun County Parents of Gifted Students


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"Guiding Your Gifted Child Through College Admissions; What Parents Need to Know," speaker Lee Styles.

Virtual Meeting - Managing Anxiety through YES! Breathing Techniques

"Parents Helping Gifted Children to Manage Anxiety," speaker Dr. Suzanne Nixon.

5th Annual LoCoPOGS Camp Fair; Virtual Edition videos  


"Developing Emotional Intelligence in Gifted Children Using Art, Music, Chess and Yoga"

"How to Effectively Advocate for Your Gifted Child at School" 

"Changing Paradigms in Gifted Education; Five Emerging Paradigms"  

"How To Make and Keep Friends; A Workshop for Gifted Children"  led by Margie Lang-Garnhart 

"Atypical Parenting Advice for Parenting Atypical Children," speaker Rachel Bailey, parenting specialist

Webinar: "Executive Function 101: Bolstering Your Child’s Academic Skills"

Fourth Annual LoCoPOGS Summer Camp Fair 


"Gifted Children and Addiction; What Parents Need to Know" 

"Middle and High School Programs for Academically Advanced Students" 

Pokemon Go! Meetup for LoCoPOGS Children

"Coaching Your Children to Success: Building Emotional Intelligence (EQ)" Panel Discussion

"Best Practices in Gifted Education; Recommendations for Loudoun County Public Schools" 

Third Annual LoCoPOGS Camp Fair  


Minecraft Club & Tournament

"Why Doesn't My Bright Child Get Great Grades? A Discussion of Ability verses Achievement." Speaker: Dr. Shannon King

"Getting In, Choosing & Financing College for your Gifted Student."

Second Annual LoCoPOGS Camp Fair


Private Middle School Programs for Gifted Students in Loudoun County" 

"What Can We Do to Improve GT Education in LoudounCounty?“   

"The G-Word; Defining What Gifted Means" Discussion 

"How to Make - and Keep - Friends; Building Your Social IQ" 

LoCoPOGS Summer Picnic & Meeting at Stone Tower Winery -"If I Knew Then What I Know Now...Advice from Parents of Gifted College Students and High School Students" 

"Home School and After-School Programs in Loudoun County" 

LoCoPOGS First Annual Camp Fair 

"A Nation Deceived" and "Dumbing Down America" slides from meeting 

"Preparing Children for Everything including Thinking with Technology"

Discussion Leader:  Dr. Deep Sran, Founder Loudoun School for the Gifted 

"The Brain of a Gifted Child; Characteristics, Development and How Technology Impacts," Dr. Dorothy Kalyanapu (Dr. K), Psychiatrist, Amen Clinics 

"Teaching Stress Management Techniques to Your Gifted Child,” Moderator: Dr. Suzanne Nixon, Director of the Northern Virginia Integrative Health Center, Dr. Dave Stewart, Family Physician and Director, Loudoun Holistic Health Partners, Michelle Dunne, doTerra Essential Oils, Betsy Goodwin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Trailside Counseling Center, Tina Poore, Occupational Therapist and Acute Care Coordinator, INOVA Loudoun Hospital 

 "How to Stop Bullies from Bothering You" Workshop for Children led by Master J Douglas, Tiger Claw Taekwondo 

"Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” Speaker:  Dr. Jillian Schneider 



"The Importance of Playtime for Gifted Children."  Workshop Leaders: Mr. Gary Auerbach and Mr. Tim Rogalski.  

"High School Programs for Gifted Students in Loudoun County; Admissions Directors from Thomas Jefferson, Academy of Science, Monroe Technical School, Northern Virginia Community College Dual-Enrollment, AP/Honors Classes, Governor's STEAM Program and More." 

"Loudoun County Public Schools Gifted & Talented Director's Advisory Committee Meeting: How To Navigate LCPS with Your Gifted Student."  Q/A with Panel of LCPS GT Leaders, including GT Supervisor Ms. Julie Kelly 

"What Kind of Smart is Your Child:  Gifted, High Achiever or Creative Thinker?" Speaker:  Ms. Debra Holder 

"Unconventional Education Choices For Your Gifted Children: Unschooling, Home Schooling, Online Classes, After School Enrichment, Gap Years and More." Parent Roundtable Discussion 

"The Dark Side of Giftedness: Managing Behavior Issues, Depression and Anxiety in Your Gifted Children - Part 2" Speaker:  Dr. Andrea Lee 

The Dark Side of Giftedness: Managing Behavior Issues, Depression and Anxiety in Your Gifted Children - Part 1" Speakers: Ms. Marcia McKinley and Ms. Cindy Battino 

"Gifted Defined" Parent Roundtable Discussion

“How Important is Spiritual Development for Gifted Students?” Moderator:  Mr. Tom Vail, Panelists: Sher JB Singh, Rabbi Michael Ragozin, Reverend Alan Stanford, Reverend Anya Sammler-Michael 

Strategic Planning Session; How Can LoCoPOGS Best Serve Families With Gifted Children?" Parent Roundtable Discussion 

“Multicultural Attitudes about Parenting, Achievement and Gifted Children." Parent Roundtable Discussion



“Growing Good People; Developing the Social-Emotional Intelligence of Academically Gifted Students.”  Speakers: Mr. Ken NysmithMs. Cindy BattinoDr. Deep SranDr. Randy HollisterMr. Len MacDougalDr. Karin VarblowMs. Kim Tapper 

“Strategies for Effectively Parenting Very Bright Children.”  Workshop Leader:  Dr. Deep Sran 

“Why Cognitive/Intellectual Testing is Helpful for Parents and Educators." Speaker:  Dr. Patrice Garver.  Panelists: Dr. Randy Hollister, Mr. Ken Nysmith, Dr. Deep Sran, Ms. Julie Kelly and Ms. Jenny Grove-Bradshaw