Loudoun County Parents of Gifted Students


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LoCoPOGS Facebook Closed Group for Parents  


Presentation about Twice Exceptional Students to LCPS Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), December 2018

Blog posts from Chris Croll, Director of the National Center for Gifted Services

Overview of Personalized Learning at Loudoun County Public Schools; a Discussion with Mr. James Dallas, Director of Teaching and Learning

Overview of LCPS EDGE (Empowering Diversity in Gifted Education) and EDGE Plus Academy programs

"Croll: Music, Art, Storytelling, Foreign Languages and Yoga Build Emotional Intelligence"

"Croll: Boy with Cerebral Palsy Has Already Defied Prognoses"

"Croll: Anxiety Makes Teen So Sick He Can’t Eat"

"Croll: Boy with ADHD and Tourette Syndrome is ‘That Kid’ 

"Croll: Living with Severe Food Allergies"

"Croll: Selective Mutism - Not Just Quiet and Shy"

"Croll:  Your Child’s Friend-Making Skills May Matter More Than You Think"

"Croll: Choosing Humility Over Perfection for Our Children"

"Croll: Public Schooling Isn’t for Everyone; Consider Some Alternatives"

"Croll: Beyond the Bell Curve, The Challenges of Raising Twice-Exceptional Children" 

"Croll: Are Parents’ Performance Expectations Making Our Kids Anxious?"

"Croll:  Have Fun with Your Kids Over Winter Break"

"Croll:  Labeling Children Good or Bad? A Parent’s Perspective"

 "Croll: The Truth About Gifted Versus High Achieving Students" 

Presentation at Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents (LEAP) Meeting, March 2018, "Building an Effective Support Team for Your Child"

Presentation at Loudoun County Public School Wellness Symposium, October 2017, "Mapping the Intense, Complex World of Gifted Students"

"Glow Kids" Book Highlights, 12/8/16 Prepared by C. Croll 

"Keeping Our Children Emotionally Safe; The Unique Vulnerabilities of Gifted Students," presentation at the Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents (L.E.A.P.) meeting, October 12, 2016.

"Best Practices in Gifted Education; LoCoPOGS Recommendations for Loudoun County Public Schools", Position Paper

"Private Middle School Programs in Loudoun County, VA," Report

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